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Vacation with a meaning

For some, the ideal vacation is a week on the beach, slathered in sunscreen, relaxing and reading a trashy novel. For others, a vacation's purpose is to go someplace new, eat great food, and visit a few historical sites or museums. Yet, some travelers want more from a vacation than a tan and some souvenirs. For them, the ideal vacation not only includes visiting a new place and interacting with its people, but it's also about giving something back to the community at the same time.

Volunteering vacations give busy professionals a chance to try their hand at working in a new field such as teaching, construction, or scientific research. While teaching English in China, helping an entomologist study caterpillars in Louisiana, or helping an archeologist preserve a dig site in Albania, volunteers can use their vacation time to learn new skills as well as about a new place.






I think this is probably what they are talking about:

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