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Discussion in class today:
Where did Jesus ascend to in Acts 1?


Where is Heaven?


The resurrected Jesus had a physical body when He ascended to Heaven. Thus Heaven must have a physical aspect. If so, physically where is Heaven?
Don't take this as trivial. The answer to this question has tremendous impact on our daily lives.

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good reflective question! my guest will be among the Corpus Christi, to the body of all Christian believers. It would be great to sit in the class and listen to the discussion details.

haha although you are not in Van.
let me tell you a good news

hope you will like it

update me about the discussion in your class:) sounds interesting!!

I think Jesus is in one of the eleven dimensions (that we cannot see or touch) in which quantum physics is revealing to us.

Rob Bell has some real insights in regard to this in his Everything is Spiritual talk:

I also asked a similar question in my Systematic A class. We believe that God is genderless. But if Jesus ascended to heaven with a body, then does that mean our Trinitarian God is at least a third male? Haha, well, even Stackhouse didn't know how to answer this question, and he said... "Hmm...I don't know."

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