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do you really want to be healed?

From my sermon tonight in the first session of eucharistic healing worship:

To be healed is to say goodbye to the romanticism of victimizing yourself.

To be healed is to give up being served but to serve.

To be healed is to give up your old self and to completely surrender to God.

do you really want to be healed?

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I am happy with my life as an atheist. I do not require threats or warnings to instill a moral code within me.
It has been my personal choice to live my life the way I have, and with the knowledge that I did it of my own free will makes me incredibly happy.
When I am sick, I go to the doctor. People pray for so many things in their daily lives - why not pray to get better instead of going to the doctor?

I suspect that you have misunderstand the meaning and context of this post. It is never intended to be a threat. It is meant to provide an insightful meaning on what is healing.

And by healing I do not mean only physical healing, but the restoration of a holistic wholeness and wellness in all aspect of our being, including physically, emotionally and spiritually.

What I am pointing towards is, there are people who said they wanted to be healed, but in fact they do not. They prefer to live as a sick person because they got attention from victimizing themselves.

It is a good thing that you are happy about how you choose to live. But for people who are not, Christianity is something that they can consider.

BTW, recently there have been several people leaving comments here anonymously. Still, you are welcome. But I prefer to communicate with people who I can identify, so that I can understand more about where you're coming from and what you're trying to communicate. So please, if you can, do not comment anonymously, especially if it is a criticism. Thank you.

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