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the shining face of moses

28 摩西在耶和華那裡四十晝夜,也不吃飯也不喝水。耶和華將這約的話,就是十條誡,寫在兩塊版上。 29 摩西手裡拿著兩塊法版下西奈山的時候,不知道自己的面皮因耶和華和他說話就發了光。 32 ...他就把耶和華在西奈山與他所說的一切話都吩咐他們。


I was leading worship at Jubilization during the past weekend, and is worshipping at the Passion World Tour tonight. During Jubilization, the following suddenly dawn on me:

What is worship-leading?
It is not about techniques.
It is not about technology.
It is not about production.
It is not about personality.
It is not about how passionate the congregation is.

It is being so filled up by the Holy Spirit that it just overflows and floods the congregation into worship.
It is so easy. It is so hard.

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