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P.S. 晚上主領聚會時,恰巧用了當年9.11後Willow Creek音樂手Greg Ferguson所寫的歌。歌是一早選好的,在這timing出現,算是一個提醒。

Hold On

Despite the devastation now
Beyond the things I'll never understand
God, I'm reaching for your hand

Beyond the questions hanging here
Despite the awkward silence in the air
I believe that You're still there

And I'll hold on to the Voice that calls my name
Hold on to the Heart that feels the pain
Hold on to the promise that remains
Hold on

And I'll hold on to the Hand that gently guides
Hold on to the strength that's left inside
The shreds of belief that just won't die
Hold on

The gift of one more day begins
The act of breathing out and breathing in
The will to start again

One more day to serve, to give
To reach beyond the wreackage and to live
To respect the sacred gift

Hold on though the world is not the same
Hold on to the God who'll never change
Hold on to the fragments of your faith
Hold on

Hold on and believe the Holy One
And know that His justice will be done
Hold on to the Kingdom yet to come
Hold on

And just hold on for the world is turning still
Despite every tremor we will feel
Hold on for eternal life is real
Hold on

And just hold on though the mountains fall apart
The pieces of hope left in our hearts
Will hold us until the healing starts
Hold on

We gotta hold on, gotta hold on
Just hold on.

Greg Ferguson
Copyright 2001 Ever Devoted Music

picture from the Globe and Mail

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不知是我最近看多了新聞還是怎樣, 好像溫哥華最近特別多事?


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