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My Paper

Worship discipleship is not a popularized idea, even though in their separate context, worship and discipleship are both ubiquitous topics in Christian training. Strangely, the two concepts are rarely considered together. Yet worship discipleship can potentially play a critical role in the development of the church in the postmodern era, and a practical theology of worship discipleship is desperately needed for the new generation of evangelical Christian.

This research paper intends to establish the historical and biblical foundations of worship discipleship, and briefly explores their contemporary implications to the execution of the ministry in the postmodern church.

This is the introduction to my 62 pages, 16,788 words paper that I just handed in 20 minutes ago. After 4 months of reading, researching and head-strectching and it is finally done.

Besides realizing that my paper writing skill has deteriorated very much since my last credit course at Regent in 2005, I also realize that writing paper at this length requires a level of planning that I've never experienced. I regret that I under-estimated the planning required for this project, which made my writing process unneccessarily frustrating.

I will be better prepared next time. The topic for my course is "the Biblical Foundations and Historical Development of Christian Worship", and the topic of my paper is "Worship Discipleship in the Ancient Church". My next course, starting in June this year, will be "Sunday Worship; Music and the Arts".

Looking forward.

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