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Extreme Makeover

How would you describe Al Gore? He said in "An Inconvenient Truth", "I used to be the next president of United States." But 7 years after the nonelection, he is now "an Academy Award winner, a bestselling author, a front-runner for the Nobel Prize, and a concert promoter who turned out to be a bigger rock star at this year's Grammys than the rock stars themselves." And he's also a successful businessman who has gained over $100 million net in 7 years.

This article in Fast Company is an interesting one which analyse the story of Al Gore from a "rebranding" point-of-view. I've never thought of Al Gore from this perspective. Great insight on career management. A bit long though.

After the 2000 election, Gore might have slunk away to a loser's life: a memoir here, a visiting professorship there, the occasional keynote speech or celebrity golf tournament. Instead, in what may be the greatest brand makeover in history, Gore is being hailed as a visionary who was right about everything from global warming to Iraq.



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