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Black Napkins - how far will you go to serve?

The solution to yesterday's question:

When sitting down at a restaurant in Minneapolis, I noticed the waiter replaced my white napkin with a black one. Apparently the tradition here is that if you are wearing black trousers or a dark skirt, the reasoning is that a white linen napkin might leave visible lint on your clothing so they immediately swap it for a black one. Such careful attention to detail surely develops trust.

When we plan for a worship service, how much details do we look into? The attention to details is definitely a statement. I'm not talking about luxury, but how considerate you are.


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I believe "being considerate" comes from only one source, and that is "love".

We can be very detail oriented or "small heart" by character, but how much are we willing to step into one another's shoes, and really find out their needs when we plan the worship? It all comes down to one question...

"How much do we love them? Do we love the people at our church? Do we know their needs? What would Jesus do?"

wow, great reminder =) thanks. gg

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