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First, go to this site to view the trailer of the upcoming "Ten Commandments" animated movie.

Then, read this comment from a Hong Kong blogger who work in the animated movie industry:

Then, also read the following commentary for a recent drama production in Hong Kong:


(Disclaimer: I do not agree with either of the above comments. But we should really think about them.)

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My wife actually worked briefly for 影音使團 and I've volunteered my time for them as well for a little while. For sure, they have been doing 絕症 movies for some time, and they themselves recognize the problem and have not really done that kind of thing in recent years.

However, quality is still an issue. I love the following quote in Harold Best's book "Unceasing Worship". He wrote: "... until recently sacred classical art has influenced artistic action in general culture in ways that should shame the contemporary church." Let alone quality... we're not even making a dent in influencing culture these days.

I'm also a good friend with the local 影音使團, and I have to say that the quality of their production has greatly improved in the last few years. I really appreciate their effort.

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