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在剛過去的主日剛剛完成了 The Emotionally Healthy Church 的主日學。三個月來,教得很沉重。信息雖然沉重,但盼望中的釋放和自由是光榮的。課程教完了,但真正透過禱告去改變會眾,仍是才剛開始的功夫,路遙漫漫。

所有的課堂錄音和筆記都貼了在 AFC Speaks。歡迎下載。希望幫到你。

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Hi Alan. I'm a friend of Edmund Ho. As I'm listening to your seminar series, that echoes a lot of what's happening in my fellowship now. Thank you for uploading it. It's indeed helpful yet with a strong message.

I'm just wondering if we can use the score sheet (as a group), as it mentions "used with permission". Do I need to ask for permission to use it? or have to pay?

Hi Karen,

Thanks for your encouragement.
The author of the book only requested that the "permission phrase" be printed on the score sheet, so feel free to duplicate it for your use.


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