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the cool church

1.The cool church in my city or town is [Blank].
2. It is labeled the cool church because [Blank].
3. I am glad I go to my church because [Blank].
4. I am excited that cool church is in my city because [Blank].
5. If I go to cool church, I am excited about church down the street because God is doing [blank]

Sometimes is it good to run through this exercise because you can get awfully jaded and cynical at the amazing work God is doing in different ways around you.
So let’s run through it…



I looked up the definition of "cool" and it means "the quality of being fashionably attractive or impressive".

If that's the case, then who's more fashionably attractive or impressive than Christ himself? Right?

I wish I can see more comments saying "It is labeled the cool church because Christ is being boldly proclaimed and his presence greatly felt there", rather than just focusing on secondary things such as numeric growth, music, worship style, arts, technology, cultural relevance...etc.

i truly wish that more people will adopt your definition of "cool church" rather than the usual understanding...

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