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The secret diary of Moses

This is a composition assignment written by my son Alpha in grade 2.

A burning bush
June 24, 1999BC

Dear Diary,

Today, I was given rank of a shepherd.  At precisely 12:00 noon, my third sheep yelled: "BAAAA!" As if to say, "Come follow me." And then she ran away!  Shepherd's cane in the air, I sprinted after her.  3 minutes later, I tracked her down.  She was at a narrow valley, with a single bush.  Then it caught on fire! I mean, it was not!  But it was! It was burning but it was not burning.  I mean, it was on fire but did not burn!  Then I was struck by the voice of GOD! "Take off your sandals Moses, for you are on Holy Ground.  When you have gone into exile from Pharoah, I have seen your people work hard.  Go back to that land where you killed a native.  And say: Let my people go.  And now!" But I yelled, "For I am a fat feeble old man!! I am 10000 years old - Too old!!! I am not a good talker!!!!" "I will send your brother Aaron with you." God boomed.  "Still, no." I complained.  So God said, "Moses, throw thy staff on thy ground." Now, I sensed a trap.  I could have said no but this was God speaking to me.  So I did as I was told.  Then instantly, it turned into a snake.  Not a snake, but a cobra!!!  I freaked out, but God said, "Moses, pick up thy staff." with a shaking hand, I did so.  And it turned into a staff.  "Still, no." I said.  "Moses, take thy hand and put it into thy collar." So I did.  "Take thy hand out of thy collar." God boomed.  So I did.  With a ssh-shads sound, it was a thick slime that covered my fingers.  "Now you have to put thy hand in collar." So I did.  And... No more slime!!!  "Now you have seen the power of God." God exclaimed.  "Now go." So I did.  Time for this entry to end.  Bye bye.



  • 正如林一峰話齋,閱讀,也是一種 state of mind。
  • 所以不限文字,還有聲音影像一切雜崩能東西,都在涉獵反思消化乾坤大挪移之列。
  • 看重的只有一個字:Insight


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