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Electronic Nomads

Recently I encounter a book titled "The Hidden Power of Electronic Culture" by Shane Hipps. I finished reading this book in 2 days. This is how Doug Pagitt, pastor of Solomon's Porch describes this book:
Perhaps like me there are times when after reading a book, you are gripped by fear. Not fear because of what you have read, but fear because of what it would have meant had you not read the book you just finished. The Hidden Power of Electronic Culture is one of those books.

As for me, I fear both.
Here is one of the many paragraphs that catches me deeply:
Increasingly, we have become electronic nomads - people whose electronic locations are in constant flux. When I talk on the phone with someone in Europe, my voice is disembodied, and electronically I am in Europe. I am no longer fully present in my physical location. While it seem insignificant, this lack of presence is important. Consider the phenomenon that it is more dangerous to drive a car while talking on a hands-free cell phone than to drive while talking with a friend sitting next to you. When talking on a cell phone, a person is simple not fully present in the car. Cell phones and the like reduce us to partly disembodied souls electronically residing in other locations. In this sense, electronic technology can have an isolating, fragmenting effect.

Consider the implication to mission and discipleship.
I highly recommend this very practical book.


  • 正如林一峰話齋,閱讀,也是一種 state of mind。
  • 所以不限文字,還有聲音影像一切雜崩能東西,都在涉獵反思消化乾坤大挪移之列。
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