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What are you selling?

I walk by these recruitment posters at Starbucks everyday as I go to school. What amazes me is that they are not just recruiting people to sell coffee, but they are empowering their potential employees with a larger vision. This vision is not only verbal, but everytime an employee holds a warm cup of coffee, he or she is reminded that they are providing warmth, not just coffee, and they are changing lives. Starbucks is connecting their employees to an unseen landscape, a dream, that will in fact alter how the mudane work (selling coffee) on earth is done.

When we are recruiting people to serve the Lord, are we giving them as powerful a vision to drive them?


  • 正如林一峰話齋,閱讀,也是一種 state of mind。
  • 所以不限文字,還有聲音影像一切雜崩能東西,都在涉獵反思消化乾坤大挪移之列。
  • 看重的只有一個字:Insight


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