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Christian Gaming

有這樣的一個電腦遊戲,Left Behind : Eternal Forces,它是個RTS ( Real Time Strategy game )。表面上它和市面上其他戰爭遊戲差不多,但這次有個很特別的賣點 : 它是一個以基督徒角度設計的殺戮戰爭遊戲。它讓玩家指揮一隊「真正的基督信徒」去對抗由反基督所領導的一個類似聯合國和平部隊的國際大軍。簡而言之,是奉基督之名,把異教徒都殺清光。是否覺得這說法有點面熟?聽說這個遊戲會在美國的一些基督教會傳銷推廣。讓美國的年青基督徒可以和異教徒一決生死。在遊戲裏每次你點選正義的部隊時他們會大叫:” I live to wipe out Satan. “死未?

暑假時曾在神學院聽過一位專門研究打機的學者論到Christian gaming。最可怕的,便是上述那種只套用Christian figurs and imagery,但完全不理Christian theology的所謂Christian game。教外人有像陳導演這樣的反應,殊不為奇。更令人痛恨的是,這些games往往質素甚差,卻因為打著Christian的招牌而在教會找到財路。真正的神棍。
前陣子與弟兄討論可否攪LAN party來傳福音。提出者還煞有介事地聲明要玩一些 "有Christian message" 的game。我的回應是,何必?Game的內容,並非見證的好方法;反而你如何接待,如何服事,如何交心關懷,如何點到即止,如何有機品,才說明了一切。生命不在遊戲程式中。


When you finished the whole set of "Left Behind" series fiction, you will find that there is no such kind of "Enternal Force" described in the game. That kind of game design is really a "神棍" 所為.

The whole "Left Behind" story is about:

How Christians live in the period of "Left Behind" with God beside them.
How they can survive, even without the "beast sign".
How they can stand firm in front of God to face death.
Even they have weapon, they only use it for defence without killing people.
The most important thing is how to let everyone know the Gospel during that time, and save more soul before the Judgement Day.

Form the beginning, God show us HE is LOVE, but NOT killing.

That's why, personally, I hate all kinds of killing in games, TV, ..., etc, whether it's branded as Christian product or not.

Hope this can help anyone reading or going to read the series.

This reminds me of a Christian movie review site that I visited many years ago. They gave The Matrix 4/5 stars due to its messianic imagery (Oooo there’s a girl called Trinity!). They gave The Iron Giant 2/5 stars because it had the line “souls don’t die”, and that goes against our theology.

Give me a break -_-

I don’t know about you, but I think Jesus would recommend something heartwarming and about sacrifice, rather than a movie about a “messiah” killing a bunch of dudes with giant machine guns and kung fu. Which one is truly closer to our Christian values?

Don’t even get me started about Joey Yung’s butchered version of Amazing Grace. Every time I hear that song I want to run out of the room screaming. It's pure commercial and reductive exploitation. Yet some people seem to think that it's great... "ohh she's using a Christian melody..."

Just to clarify, I'm not saying that we should accept incorrect theology... but one line shouldn't deter from us judging the whole movie's value.

Alpha: Exactly.

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