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A while ago, a Christian music group from Hong Kong visited Vancouver and organized a few concerts. Later, I heard from my friend that one of the band members complained on her blog that Vancouver's Christians are very cold-hearted, do not respond to worship and just sit there like watching a show. I am a bit frustrated. In my observation, this is not the case. I have been organizing praise and worship events in Vancouver for the last 5 years, and I do not think that the Vancouver audience is cold-hearted.
Several years ago we encountered the problem of the congregation not responding well in worship. Therefore we try to change our setup and thus coined "Jubilization", and I think it worked well since then. People who come to Jubilization are very responsive and enjoy worship very much. SO the issue is not really on the audience, but on the organizer.
I was in one of that group's concerts and my observation is that, their style of leading worship does not really fit Vancouver's cultural context. Eventhough we both speak Cantonese, Hong Kong and Vancouver do have a difference in worship culture. Our goal is to understand the culture and find a worship style that suits.
This is a frequently observed problem when missionaries go to a foreign place to do ministry. We tend to have a "cultural superiority". We think that we are bringing valuable resources to them and disregard the value of the local culture. This is not a good thing.


我不會覺得溫哥華的弟兄姊妹們是cold heart...

但卻也不能承認近年的風氣, 或習慣

都是從前飾演著"leading"的一班年長一點的, 大一點的弟兄姊妹會帶著比較年少一點的, 細一點的弟兄姊妹去參加很多不同機構舉辦的一個個敬拜讚美活動 (原因很簡單...很多時也是大一點的哥哥姐姐負責車細一點的一群弟兄姊妹)

而...很可惜的是...我倒不太清楚那是什麼原因...可能是因為從前的人都突然回香港發展, 回流, 又可能因為"角色轉移"轉移得不好 (因為細的一群總會變成大的一群去帶領未來細的一群),
這種種的原因, 我不能盡錄

但 , 那會留心著意參加不同敬拜讚美的一群在整體上好像相對地少了...

再加上從前一直已有的很多唱k ,食飯, 開會, 去機舖hea等等的活動(有趣的是佢地去機舖唔會打機...而只因為想陪朋友)

星期五還有我去對著班其實自己未必會太熟, 也很難走下他們圈子的人, 那我不如和我一些新認識的朋友到外面玩下好過了...那些都快樂多呀!"
他們會回教會的"目的"也值得去思考, 也先莫論他們對不對, 總之..這是一部分...起碼, 我認識的, 有10個這樣來自不同教會的人, 而他們是從前都會有參加不同教會活動呀, 外面的敬拜讚美會的人...

我認識的, 差不多大部分的人..

要他們起舞同"表面上好熱心"的....可能要在pub, rave party等等的地方了...

我們不可能把內"lim"和cold heart加上等號...

當然....說了很多as an 現場台下人的感受和經驗
時間日期方面, 例如如果定在近考試mid term過節的時間...那會人少是很正常的事

而..........基於Full House和"不是太多人" 是很著很大的分別..
Full House的那力量會叫台上人有著很不同的感覺....
是會叫台上人可能覺得台下人的反應很微弱的, 不夠的

(當然...台下人如果係full house, 冇人唱都係一個問題....)

我仍不會覺得溫哥華的弟兄姊妹是cold heart.
(hahah...jubilization will be a good example may be:P)
我記得有試過有一晚是大家不會太主動去開口一起唱歌的, 但第二晚卻大家都主動開口去唱了....]

will be back if i can think of anything else to say :P


I was frustrated too. I esp upset because of her way of saying we are "spoiled" and we do not treasure their music. Well, I do not know why she thinks we are spoiled. It makes me feel that she is saying they are doing very well but we do not appreciate. It is not a humble attitude. Also, it is not about spoiled or not. Instead of blaming people on being not "into" the worship, one should really focus on how to improve, instead of finger-pointing others. I do not mean to judging them, but I do see that the production is totally unorganized and lack of practice. I mean, it is more productive to evaluate self, before judging others.

Well, I wouldn't say that they are lack of practice, just that the cultural difference prohibited them to do their best job according to our expectation.

"Chinese medicine do not work well with western diets..."

Attention to cultural differences is something that cannot be overlooked. In fact, being familiar with cultural differences can help foreign parties to be even more successful, by presenting their unique, foreign attributes in a way that can be understood by the receiving community.

M....in fact, I have talked to the coordinator and he told me honestly that the team is not the real team that they used to work with. Therefore, there are a lot of places where they are "off" or can't follow the flow during the singing.

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