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訪問 Paul Stevens

Q: What is the best advice you can give to young Christians just starting out in the marketplace?

R. Paul Stevens: My advice to young Christians starting out in the marketplace is three-fold:
(1) find or create a support group where you will study and pray together to raise consciousness of what you are actually doing in the marketplace;
(2) find an older Christian who has truly integrated his or her faith and work and ask him or her to mentor you;
(3) make a nuisance of yourself by asking integrative questions of your pastor and request that your pastor visit you in the workplace (not just meet you at the door to have lunch down the street).

Paul was my professor at Regent. He is an interesting person who reinvented himself many times. He used to teach pastoral theology, then spirituality, then marketplace theology, and has written numerous books on each of these topics.
Thank you Gabriel for introducing this interview.



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glad to see your posting about paul stevens too!!

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