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我平時都不會幫襯Burger King。我的原則是,既然都一樣不好吃,當然選平的,所以我永遠都是吃M記的Big Xtra餐,最平。
Maybe you want a lot of ice. Maybe you want no ice. Maybe you want your top securely fastened, or maybe you want to go topless. Hmmm? Maybe you want to mix Coke with Sprite. Maybe you want to let your cup runneth over (we wish you wouldn't). Whatever you do, make sure to have it your way.

How lame.
"Just do it" is a vision (agree or not). "Think Different" is a vision. But "Have it your way"... 只是討好無腦少年的糖衣。仲要原來不是真心的(不要浪費汽水!)。

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