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Seven Big Questions 1/7

Question 1: What trends in church and worship styles do you see? Are they positive or negative?

Mark Driscoll:
I'll be happy when we have more than just prom songs to Jesus sung by some effeminate guy on an acoustic guitar offered as mainstream worship music. Right now most worship music is still coming from the top down through such things as Christian radio and record labels. But the trend today in a lot of churches is writing your own music to reflect your culture and community, and I pray this trend of music from the bottom up continues.

Rob Bell:
I believe that the old polarities are fading. More and more people understand that traditional and contemporary are simply irrelevant ways to talk about things. What changed the world in times past? Let's look at historic movements. Let's look at periods of great transition. Handel's Messiah is an unbelievable piece of music. I wouldn't think to call Handel a Christian composer. He's a composer.

From Relevant Magazine, Jan/Feb 2007 issue



By the way, I thought Relevant is a pretty interesting magazine. They interview some of the bands that I listen to, and many of their articles seem to speak truth about North American youth culture. It's kind of like the Christian "Spin".

On the other hand, I kind of hate their "culture" stuff (the ads, especially). Not everything has to look so cool and be so edgy - "THE REVOLUTIONARY NEW BIBLE CONCORDANCE!". Blech.

Oh I love this one, ha ha!

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