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More reflections on Apologetics


其實像「明光社」這些人,究竟有沒有認真回頭看看自己幹了甚麼? [...] 據說,這些人崇拜的上帝,偉大得創造出整個巨大的宇宙;這些自稱崇拜祂的人,卻只花大量精力關心「誰把誰的那話兒放在誰的哪兒」這等事情上,不禁要問一句:「What the fuck?……」

What do you think?






too bad i missed the discussion about apologetics... would've been very interested in it.

listen to the discussion about apologetics here.

Thanks, so that's what "ancient-future" means. were you quoting from a particular book?

i pretty much agree with what was said, but the only thing is that we need to be careful about being down the "liberal" (relativism?) slippery slope as well...

also i think there are still probably some people who are more fact and logic-minded than others. for those cases we probably need to learn from Paul's arguments... heehee

Brian McLaren, The Church on the Other Side.

Your comment is the typical Evangelical response to the Emerging church. So, here is another book for you:

Ray Anderson, An Emerging Theology for Emerging Churches.

yeah, it's not so much a criticism of the movement, but an observation that there are people who interpret very liberally, and there are MBTI types who want to fight tigers with logic.

hey, you're really into that MBTI thing...

your concern is very valid. and i'm certain that there are people who want to fight tigers with logic (like me...) but i would say that the focus is not about the logic/mystery part but the mentality of assuming our target as "target", someone to be conquered. It should be more like gardening or dancing than a war game.

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