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10 design rules to keep in mind

(1) Communicate — don't decorate.
(2) Speak with a visual voice.
(3) Use two typeface families maximum. OK, maybe three.
(4) Pick colors on purpose.
(5) If you can do it with less, then do it.
(6) Negative space is magical — create it, don't just fill it up!
(7) Treat the type as image, as though it's just as important.
(8) Be universal; remember that it's not about you.
(9) Be decisive. Do it on purpose — or don't do it at all.
(10) Symmetry is the ultimate evil.

Except the last one, I completely agree, especially (3). In fact, not just in design, but you can apply these rules in other areas as well. OK, maybe not (3) and (7).

原文出自Presentation Zen, introducing "Design Elements: A Graphic Style Manual" by Timothy Samara

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