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I hope this book is not just descriptive of the issues, but analytical. Also analytical not in a way that merely says the bible says the church should be so and so, and we are not behaving as such.

The Chinese Church needs thoughtful historians and scholars to dig deep into the social, economical, political, cultural, philosophical, and epistemological progression that has happened since the Reformation, through modernity up until the post-modernity, and tell us what is root of the problem, what are its causes and influences, and how do we prevent it from happening again.

I know Regent is actively training people to think broadly, historically, and biblically, but I wonder if anything like that is happening in Asia? Is CGST doing anything like that?

If we have a shallow understanding of the problem and the world aroun dus, we'll also come up with easy answers that fail to address the complexity of the problem.

May God raise up a new generation of servants to reflect deeply into the issues of the current times.



Not completely related, and you may have read it already. But here is an interesting youtube link from "out of ur" today on ministries that are really focusing on the complexity and brokenness of human beings:




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