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One Facet at Time

Today I had two encounters about speaking the truth in love. In both conversations the parties were wrestling with the burden of carrying biblical wisdom that others were not yet ready to hear. What is the good of wisdom if it is not immediately transferable?

We read Jesus’ brief parable: “Therefore every scribe who has been trained for the kingdom of heaven is like a master of a house, who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old.” (Mt 13:52) But Jesus is not referring to a divine yard sale where everything one has received is immediately placed on display. He is, rather, offering us a picture of a multi-faceted jewel in which one facet at a time is offered for the sake of others. Some truths we have carried a long time. Other insights we received yesterday. The longer we dwell with “Lady Wisdom” the more we realize that not ever good thing can be set on the table at the same time.

One can carry the core of a real truth, but learning when to speak that truth may be almost as important as the truth itself. True words out of season can overwhelm and even inoculate against that same word spoken in season. "When" is as much a feature of wisdom as "what."

We are made to carry a whole treasure, not a single facet. But a single facet, like “speak the truth in love” is often enough for the moment. The whole jewel is no less beautiful because it is hidden. Nor, ultimately, is it any less “useful.” Loving others enough to wait for the right season to speak has a way of keeping the whole treasure well polished and ready to be revealed in the right setting.

From "Songs of Ascent" blog by Dr. Carla Waterman, my respected professor at IWS

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