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What makes worship successful?

Picture a father and son flying a kite together. Take a minute to see those images in your mind. Where are they, how do they relate to each other, what is their body language saying?

Would you use the word successful to describe their time together? Would you use a lot of numbers to describe their time together? Would you talk about the wind coming in at 14.3 knots and that they got 106.2 ft of line played out and that they had it aloft for 31 minutes and 8 seconds? Would you talk about it as successful and use numbers to show why?

If a "worship service" is fundamentally time with our heavenly Daddy, why do people, when asked about the particular church they're involved in, answer that things are successful? "Attendance is up. Giving is up." Why would they talk about it as being successful and use numbers?

Are we focused on our time with our Daddy, or are we focused on getting the kite 2 feet higher than the last time? Does it matter if the kite crashes? Does it matter if there's no wind? Does it matter how high the kite gets?

原文出自 The Work of the People blog

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