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How can you change the world?

By using compact fluorescent bulbs.

[...] if every one of 110 million America households bought just one [compact fluorescent] bulb, took it home, and screwed it in place of an ordinary 60-watt bulb, the energy saved would be enough to power a city of 1.5 million people. [...] In terms of oil not burned, or greenhouse gas not exhausted into the atmosphere, one bulb is equivalent to taking 1.3 million cars off the road.

Just one [bulb] per home. The typical U.S. house has between 50 to 100 "sockets" (astonish yourself: Go count the bulbs in your house). So what if we all bought and installed two [compact fluorescent] bulbs? Five? Fifteen?

By changing the incandescents bulbs in all the ceiling fans on display in all WalMart store to compact fluorescent bulbs, they saved $6 million a year. How much can you save if you change all your light bulbs in your home? What is certain is that, these bulbs will pay for themselves with the savings in electricity bill in about 5 months.

Go change your light bulbs!

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