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Your church is also a Mac

Why most people who use Mac loves Mac? It is the whole experience.
My Power Book's power adaptor was dead last weekend right before I had to prepare the worship powerpoint. So I had to use a PC to do my power point, it was awful...
No good chinese font in the PC so I had to search for new chinese font for my wife's computer. After the installation, I found that the font did not support some chinese character + the old powerpoint wasnt that user friendly...an hourly job becomes 4 times longer...

So I went back to the apple retailer to exchange my adaptor today, I found that I forgot to enroll my Apple Care, and that's 5.45pm, 15min before the store closed. I throught I have to come back again the other day...and not able to work tonight...
thank God that my lovely wife reminded me that I could still call Apple to do my registration on Apple Care, since they closed at 9pm ET (it was also 15min until they close). I called their toll free number, after 2 levels of pressing numbers, an agent answered my call (no waiting music!!!). I told her I was in urgent so she finished the registration by only asking me 3 questions about my phone no., my PB serial no. and my Apple Care no., it was within 5min and DONE!! Then I tured to the technician and he told me the enrollment might take 5 days to update but after he checked it was updated in the system...within 5min he gave me a new PB adaptor...
An hourly job becomes 4 times shorter...


Talk about user experience. Now think about your church in this perspective. It is not just about the sermon. It is not just about the people. It is not just about the program. It is the holistic experience! Get it?

From ChowMein's blog


I love my mac. Some people don't (want to/think they need to/bother to) understand.

What a shame.

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