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At Least He Was a Consistent Hypocrite
Chuck Salter

Before he was exposed as a hypocrite about homosexuality, Ted Haggard, who resigned last week as head of the National Association of Evangelicals amid a drug and sex scandal, was already a hypocrite about the environment. As we described last spring in a story called Moving Heaven and Earth, Rich Cizik, the NAE's longtime Washington lobbyist, had a conversion a couple of years ago on the issue of global warming. Unlike conservatives who don't buy the scientific evidence, he became convinced, and he believed that fighting climate change and protecting the impoverished populations who suffer the brunt of it should be central to the evangelical mission.

So Cizik helped form the Evangelical Climate Initiative and draft a call to action. In February, 86 evangelical leaders signed the statement, sending shock waves through a community regarded as a unified voting block. Haggard told Cizik he agreed with the ECI's position but he wouldn't sign. When more conservative evangelical leaders wrote a letter expressing concern over the NAE's (read: Cizik's) involvement, Haggard went along with the decision that prevented Cizik from signing his name as well.

That was Haggard's style: Instead of leading an organization that represents some 30 million evangelicals to embrace an effort that continues gaining momentum (as Bill Moyers' excellent special "Is God Green?" illustrated last month), Haggard followed the old guard, which included James Dobson of Focus on the Family. No doubt Haggard thought he was protecting himself by appeasing them. Now he's discovering the fragility of that alliance. On Monday, Dobson, who had been named part of the team counseling Haggard through his current crisis, announced that he wouldn't be participating after all. Dobson said he didn't have time.




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