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  • “100” ﹣Dear Jane

  • Human 我生 ﹣古巨基

  • Ksus2 ﹣謝安琪

  • Life Continues… ﹣陳奕迅

  • Long Time No See ﹣軟硬天師

  • No Protection ﹣側田

  • Perfect Match ﹣伍樂城+林夕

  • 十二優 ﹣Zarahn

  • 呼吸 ﹣林憶蓮

  • 微笑Pasta ﹣電視劇原聲大碟

  • 愛情魔髮師 ﹣電視劇原聲大碟

  • Takenation ﹣同名大碟

  • 我看你 你看我 ﹣Lazy:Mode

  • 春.夏.秋.冬 ﹣張敬軒

  • 潮騷 ﹣藍奕邦

  • 笑忘書 ﹣張敬軒

  • 自作自樂

  • 自作自樂 II

  • 音樂大亨 ﹣農夫

  • 達與璐 ﹣達與璐

  • 詩情.畫意 ﹣王菀之

  • 西樓錯夢 ﹣梅雪詩,龍劍笙

  • 諳II ﹣夏韶聲

  • What's Going On...? ﹣陳奕迅

  • 若水 ﹣黃耀明


anything good?

呼吸 ﹣林憶蓮
Ksus2 ﹣謝安琪
春.夏.秋.冬 ﹣張敬軒
笑忘書 ﹣張敬軒
What's Going On...? ﹣陳奕迅
若水 ﹣黃耀明
萬世歌王 詹瑞文
Pancakes 的那隻新CD...忘了名字
盧巧音 - 天演論<--不是今年...

都很好聽^^ haha

er....sorry I still owe you the CD...but I am afraid...because......

Note: when I said "Anything good?" I meant, "What's good on that list?" rather than something else.

How is 達與璐 ?

To Alpha:
The last 6 CDs I've ordered but not received yet, so no comments yet.
For the rest, my favourite is 潮騷 ﹣藍奕邦. I admire that he is courageous enough to break away from his comfort zone and try something you won't realy associate with him. And the songs turn out to be pretty successful.
Ksus2 ﹣謝安琪 is good too. But the recent incident is a bit disappointing.
A lot of people are disapointed by Long Time No See ﹣軟硬天師, but I don't think so. It is not as good as 三字頭, but compared to a lot of other CDs this one is still way above average.
The following I regret buying: Human 我生 ﹣古巨基, No Protection ﹣側田, Perfect Match ﹣伍樂城+林夕
Life Continues… ﹣陳奕迅... Well, no surprise, but he kept up the good work. I expect something with a bit more zest.
Nice surprise: 音樂大亨 ﹣農夫. Skills are not totally perfect yet, but possess the greatest potential to match up with 軟硬

To Kit: What are you afraid of?

To Eric: I don't like 天演論. 為深奧而深奧. 低手.

農夫--> my favorite!

I am disappointed with
What's Going On...? ﹣陳奕迅 because the variety is not as wide as U87, so no surprise. Some of the songs do remind me of Zarahn coz of the drum beat, so Zarahn fans might enjoy the CD more.

I was discussing with my husband which is the best album of the year and honestly i cannot pick one! Rumor says it might be 李克勤演奏廳 II because it's selling the greatest amount.

My favourite album i bought is actually an album by a tawianese band named 旺福 but the album is created last year. Another one is 陳奕迅 Get a Life 演唱會 Live (this is a must buy!!!) The concert was well done because it's story telling, Eason sang over 15 songs non-stop.

Other albums i like (not on Alan's list) include:

My Life Will... 張懸
太美麗 陶[吉吉]

oops it's me again...a correction...陳奕迅 Get a Life 演唱會 Live is a DVD not a CD...


to SIuHoiHoi: 買了《十二優 ﹣Zarahn》是因為之前覺得周國賢幾得,所以捧下場,兼且Zarahn有些成員是friend的friend... 我覺得隻碟OK,sidecut比主打好,Endy寫的比其他好。
仲有,你個blog restricted access之後我都睇唔到!

to Carol: 我勁唔鐘意李克勤!這個人只識演靚聲,卻不懂唱歌。

to Alpha: 未收到《達與璐》,收到聽完後再告訴你。

Alan: i agree about your comment with Hacken...and that's why i wrote that rumour comment...don't know why HK people always measure by the "Amount" you sell but not at other things like creativity.

P.S. I don't think you'll like David Tao coz the lyrics are not as creative. I love him because his music arrangment (very rich!) and his expressive voice and i doubt you'll fall into that :P

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