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Amidst all the attention and emphasis that is placed on our “right” to God's forgiveness as believers, maybe we are more prone to forget that sin slowly, deceptively conforms our hearts to the world’s mould. Sin screws us up, just as that plastic fork got melted by the boiling water and became damaged, unable to complete its original purpose. Similarly, our hearts were not intended to conform to the ruinous effects of continued sin, but to the heart of Jesus.

Although sin cannot change our identity as God’s children, it certainly has profound effects on our maturity as believers—who we are becoming.



  • 正如林一峰話齋,閱讀,也是一種 state of mind。
  • 所以不限文字,還有聲音影像一切雜崩能東西,都在涉獵反思消化乾坤大挪移之列。
  • 看重的只有一個字:Insight


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