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Tonight, AFC celebrated it’s 35th anniversary to much glitz and fanfare. We had a thanksgiving dinner with over 700 guests, all for the purpose of celebrating AFC’s historical ministry amongst Chinese Canadian students. Of course, the end of the night resulted in an appeal for help.
Alfred share a chinese saying when people are held up with a gun: Your money or your life? He jokingly said that this moment has now come upon the people who’ve attended that evening. Yet, isn’t that true? Alfred shared that one person he spoke to before the evening had already attended several fundraising events in the month of september. Why come to another dinner where we’re just picking your pockets for more cash?

The reality is that even though AFC is in need of financial help, I would prefer people to give of themselves. We need more people invested in the lives of students - in churches, on campus, and in the real world.


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Alfred's speeches are always inspirational! :)

edmund: 可惜!希望下次有機會。
May: I have lots of stories to tell you. Come to the office with Koen when you're bored. =->

ha! sure! I'll find some "bored" time and come!

Can't wait to hear storeis! :)

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