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Who are you?

I was walking in a shopping mall the other day and coming my way was a girl with a very-low-cut outfit. The following sentence just lighted up in my mind:
If you do not want to be perceived as just a pair of breast, do not present them as the most prominent feature of your being.

How sad is our Pastor.


  • 正如林一峰話齋,閱讀,也是一種 state of mind。
  • 所以不限文字,還有聲音影像一切雜崩能東西,都在涉獵反思消化乾坤大挪移之列。
  • 看重的只有一個字:Insight


I work at Westside Baptist Church. Of course, that doesn't mean they agree with everything I post or link here. Everything here is my personal opinion and is not read or approved in advance. Consider yourself warned.