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called to ministry?

No, not at all. I would say it is precisely that you can’t stand anyone else preaching, that you are NOT called to ministry.

Because the way in which God determine to speak to you, no matter how mysterious and absurd it may sound, is now no more.

Cartoon from Out of Ur by Christianity Today, quote from Becoming by Edmund

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Thanks for linking. I had another experience in HK though -- during 1 worship service there, a certain section was allotted as 禱告心得分享. I thought it will be something like a devotional sharing before the sermon. But far from it, the person talked only about his graduation plan and his gratitude to those who gave him the cute little Doraemon graduation stuffed toy! There is nothing about 禱告, nor 心得 in the sharing. I was rather troubled by it for the rest of the service...

What I want to say is that sometimes, it is okay to not being able to stand someone else preaching/sharing. That's when what is shared/preached have nothing to do with His word/Word. I call that "robbing God's time and space".

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