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Deconstructing Church Ministry

網友 ahtimsir 在他的 Xanga 貼出了一系列題為 "Deconstructing Church Ministry" 的文章,發人深省。
Do you sometimes hear people confess that he/she draws up a plan by himself/herself and then present it to God, only to regret it later because he/she should have instead went to God first to seek His will and plans for us? Unfortunately, whenever we plan, there's often an aspect of planning in which we try to predict the future -- something humans can never do. [...] "How often do the things we plan in life work out just the way we planned them? [...] Have you ever gotten one day to go according to plan? [...] We need to stop worrying about planning and spend more time preparing." We prepare by praying (Prov 19:21), by waiting, by being willing to be directed by God (Prov 16:9).

Deconstructing Church Ministry (1): Lessons From Agile SW Development
Deconstructing Church Ministry (2): Corporate Discernment
Deconstructing Church Ministry (3): Prepared For Change
Deconstructing Church Ministry (4): Examples

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