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How to meet deadline?

Many people tell me that they find the article on how to say no that I posted here a while ago very useful. So here is another one that may be useful as well.

14 Essential Tips for Meeting a Deadline
  1. Care about deadlines.
  2. Keep a list of projects and deadlines.
  3. Communicate a clear deadline.
  4. Work in a cushion.
  5. Have a clear outcome.
  6. Break down the project.
  7. Focus on the first step.
  8. Block off adequate time.
  9. Have a start and complete date for each step.
  10. Communicate with each step.
  11. Don't overcommit.
  12. Learn from mistakes.
  13. Stay up late.
  14. Negotiate and meet a second deadline.

When I was in architecture school, one thing that I learned was very detailed schedule planning in order to meet deadline. Producing an architectural design presentation is by itself a very complicated project, and it requires a lot of discipline and organizational skills. While I was called Mr. Organized by my classmates, I have seen many fellow students who had beautiful design in their mind but could not finish the presentation materials on time and ended up with a fail grade. This is such an important lesson that has helped me steer through my hectic life without losing my mind.

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