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Earning Trust

Saying “trust me” works about as well as taking a phone call from someone who wants to sell you a hot stock. Forget about it! Trust is earned; and it is earned the hard way. Let’s consider:
Do what you say you will do. Obvious, of course! But how often have you seen a manager make a promise and forget it? It happens everyday. So how can you make certain you follow through? Document it. Let people know what you plan to accomplish. When you finish, let folks know. More importantly, if you are falling short, either due to lack of time or resources, raise your hand – tell people about it. Give them a progress report. Then follow up until you do follow through.
Back your people when it counts. When a milestone is achieved, the boss needs to share the glory. More especially, he needs to put the team first. That is, talk up their achievements to senior management.
Take one for the team. Tough times call for tough leaders. Have you ever seen a boss point her finger at others when the project fails? Of course. Managers who hold themselves personally accountable for results are managers who know how to take the heat. They have confidence enough to put up with the flak from up top. By doing so they earn respect of their employees.


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