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I was reading Martha Stewart's "Everyday Food" magazine tonight. What suddenly dawned on me is that, the most popular kind of advertisement in cooking/recipe magazines like this is actually convenient home-style fast food (such as microwavable side dishes or TV dinner). Wait. People reading recipe magazine are supposed to cook with fresh ingredients from stretch. Well, in fact not. People who read cooking magazine may not really cook. They only admire cooking, but they won't actually cook due to different reasons. In real life they may be eating Betty Crocker's products. But by reading such magazine they fulfilled their identity needs and made themselves feel better as if they have cooked.

It's all about storytelling.

Same thing with Lululemon. Don't you realize people who where Lululemon are usually a bit overweight? But wearing Lululemon makes them feel as if they have lived a healthier lifestyle already without moving a finger.

How we tell a story is important. It can become a lie, or it can positively motivate. Make it to good use.

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