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the "Alan-Yu-is-so-busy" myth

I wrote on my Facebook status that:
Alan is planning 14 events at the same time... well, actually 15... no, 16.

Some of you are curious what events I'm planning. Here it is:
  • 5 sermons for a camp at Calgary over the Labour Day long weekend
  • The regular meeting for the Jubilant next sunday
  • complete liturgies and sermons for 3 healing services in September (this is part of my school work)
  • I.D.Zone seminar on sex next week
  • I.D.Zone seminar on financial management later in August
  • liturgies for a section of the program for AFC's Annual Dinner in September
  • a seminar on biblical manhood for a church next weekend
  • a seminar on biblical marriage for a church the week after next
  • staff training session during AFC Staff Retreat in September
  • Liturgies for Jubilization in October

I have not counted singspiration leading this week at church, writing articles for Gen Next (2 down, 2 left), leading small group at church, the discussion session with CCF leaders every other week, and hosting PP959. And on top of that I have just finished a book report for school today (due today!), and I need 5 reflections for next week's deadline, and a box of books to read for my research paper. Oh, and of course I have not included the events in Sept and Oct that I haven't started to think about.

I didn't expect that this will "wow" so many people. For one thing, this is normal workload for me, and I'm not particularly busy. I guess most people will have 14 to 16 small/mid-size projects on hand at work and not be surprised; but what interest me is that, 16 "events" seems to be A LOT for many people.

Well, if I've a day-job and work on 16 church projects after work, I'll be crazy. But don't forget this is my job!

Again, the "Alan-Yu-is-so-busy" stereotype is a myth. At least, I am still keeping up with the latest 家好月圓 episode. So if you need to have a chat with me, catch me!

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I think it would be beneficial to many of us by sharing, for example, your daily routine so that we can learn from your excellent time-managing skill.

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