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Summoned to Lead

猶記得幾個月前曾貼過在Loenard Sweet的Summoned to Lead封面上看過的一段quote:
Leaders are neither born nor made
Leaders are summoned
They are called into existence by circumstances, and those who rise to the occasion are leaders

In one sense, the last thing the church needs is "more vision." When Christians sing "Be Thou My Vision" we are testifying to the fact that we have all the vision we need in Jesus. Where we need help is in developing a musical ear: ears to recognize the vision that is already at work in our world, ears to hear the false notes, and ears to tune ourselves to God's Perfect Pitch, Jesus the Christ.

[...]When it comes to leadership, the senses are not born equal. Leadership has more to do with the ears than with the eyes. The significance of sound is the missing chord in the literature on leadership. What matters most is not the clarity of your eyes, but the charity of your heart and the clearness of your ears.
Leadership is an acoustical art.



hmmm, sounds like another cool book for leadership :) Thanks always for recommending good books. BTW, I am reading FIVE DYSFUNCTIONS, just past the p.100 mark. It is surprisingly connected to what I am actually facing !!!

what is ur Skype ID?

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