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Spain Uses Bahamas Beach Picture for Advert

The Spanish tourism board has outraged Spainards and left some folks frolicking on the sands of the Bahamas wondering “am I in Spain?” Well, maybe not the latter, but the board did have some explaining to do after using a picture of a woman strolling along the white sandy beaches of the Bahamas in an advert for Spain’s Costa Brava. The tourism board director defended use of the image, saying it “didn’t have adequate images with sufficient quality.” Umm, just do what the rest of us do and steal it off Flickr. Duh.

The effect of globalization is that, you can no longer assume something will stay only local. An ad in Spain can be seen from the Bahamas where cheating was discovered. In the same manner, in the missiological context, we can no longer tell myths about far-away cultures. The Muslims live next door.



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