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Co-dependency at Church

Will Willimon 在 A Peculiar Prophet 中引述 Paul Borden 指出:
Pastors and denominations that do not want to disrupt comfortable congregations must understand they are abdicating their responsibilities as Christian leaders to serve God well. Enabling and helping congregations to continually exercise sinful dysfunctional behavior means that such pastors and denominational leaders are practicing carnal co-dependent relationships that work against God's mission for the Church.

Littleho 在他的網誌評道:
"Co-dependent relationships" 在關係和感受至上的文化下,被美化為「把人留下來」的策略,並以「如果佢地走咗點算」作為威脅反對任何改變,最終應該留下來的人離去,那些應該離開的卻留下來。

Co-dependency 在 Wikipedia 的定義:
The codependent is a person who perpetuates the alcohol or drug dependence of someone close to them in a way that hampers recovery. This can be done through direct control over the dependent or by making excuses for their dysfunctional behavior or relieving them of the consequences of the dependence. In an act called enabling, this can have negative social and health consequences for both parties.



Codependency 在教會群體中很易出現,尤其是當領袖有性格問題,而會眾對他又有情感依賴時,問題就大了。

I am recently reading a book called "Emotionally Healthy Church", and it talks about how the emotional baggage of the pastor can affect the congregation in negative ways. It points out a really sad reality.

But it really takes a lot of guts to do the right thing despite people leaving, because the board may not understand... i think the difficult part is to get the board to stand on the same ground with the pastor, supporting the pastor even when people leave...

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