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Another new vocabulary to learn: sexting.
Reports of "sexting"--or teens sending each other homemade pornographic images using their phones--have exploded in recent weeks. Schools and parents are outraged and terrified, and lawyers are confused, because most child pornography statutes don't account for the kids themselves being the pornographers. What should they do?

20% of teenagers admit to having transmitted nude pictures over their cellphones. (The percentages double when the survey includes young people up to their mid-twenties).

Easy technology allow us to hurt ourselves conveniently. And we are just ignorant about how easily we can be hurt. We think they are random acts of fun, and they turn out becoming life-long haunting nightmares.
Lord, have mercy on us.

原文出自Fast Company

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Have you watched the semi-documentary film "American Teen"? It documented an incident of sexting and how it affected those involved.

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