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商業電台,名字也夠白:商業和電台。電台的營運方針,就是要把大氣電波就變成錢。[...] 商業機構,見錢就應該開眼。[...] 那政黨主席質疑商業機構的從業員見錢開眼,跟質疑阿媽是女人一樣。他們論點是這樣的:有錢的政黨,有多點資源使用媒體,對沒有錢的政黨「不公平」。狀況就像幼稚園的學生,一個有一支新鉛筆,沒有新鉛筆的人說:「你為什麼你有一支鉛筆?這樣不公平!」


賺錢就是唯一硬道理,這是香港的核心價值,真實的「香港精神」。[...] 在香港,大部分人都不希望跟錢鬥。風骨,不可以供樓,也不可以當飯吃。各位看倌,你說電台做得不好,決定公祭什麼人,請什麼人食蛇羹,我倒希望各位忠實聽眾,問一問自己,你如何改變香港人只看錢的核心價值?



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I don't agree with the entirety of the protests (some of it is being done in very bad taste) but the "businesses can do whatever the business demands" defense is very weak. Radio waves belong to the public, so a station has responsibility to the public, even as a commercial entity.

Also, some of the statements being said are not about "justice", but about "legacy" and viewing CR as a Hong Kong institution. Of course people are angry - it is a matter of history and identity. The conclusion is fine and agreeable, but I am a little more empathetic than he's being here.

I don't agree entirely with the protesters too, even though I am empathetic about their anger... (I like your "bad taste" comment - it's so you! =) )

I tend to read this article as satirical. Yes, a business can be just a business. And this distinguishes ordinary businesses from great businesses. Great businesses leaves a legacy serving the public. I guess CR's reputation in people's mind are higher than the other stations in HK, and people have higher expectation for them. What they're doing now destroys their legacy in people's mind - I guess that's what the people are angry about.

I am actually glad that Hong Kong people are reflecting and challenging about the "money is everything" "Hong Kong spirit". I have so much hope about the next generation of youth in HK.

林忌回應了。It's full of vitriol, but there's some good counterpoints.

I like this line: "只向錢看的價值...不是香港人的核心價值".

He's right, and it's easy to forget. Yes, it may look that way, but it is not completely true. It's easy for us to use cynicism to cover it up.




One more. This one is better written and more humorous. http://www.rapbull.net/posts/1831


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