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CN705 Reading Notes (2)

The Latin root [for the word addiction] is addicene, "to give assent, to assign or surrender" - in ancient times it was used to describe someone (usually an enemy) who was captured and kept in bondage or slavery. This is a good description of the modern addict as well - he or she is a "slave" to an attachment.
(p. 5)
Clavin Miller, in his book The Taste of Joy, warns that many Christians are only "Christaholics" and not disciples at all. He points out that real disciples are cross bearers; they seek to follow the true Christ, not make a fetish of him or any aspect of following him. Christaholics, on the other hand, are escapists who are looking for a shortcut to happiness. They want the joy that comes from knowing Christ but none of the responsibility.
The possibility of religious addiction is something every Christian leader should acknowledge, because in urging others to greater devotion, there is always the danger of encouraging the development of addictions. Given the tremendous emotional needs many in our culture feel, there is always the temptation, in presenting and interpreting the gospel, to overemphasize "what religion can do for you." Our preaching, teaching and writing, therefore, can lead people down the addiction path rather than the true experience of Christ's path if we unknowlingly give too much reverence to the objects of our faith rather than to Christ.

Archibald Hart, Healing Life's Hidden Addictions

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sounds like a very interesting course!!

it got me thinking about being addicted to christ (only viable addiction?!), and how that'd look different than "christaholics". like what are the signs and symptoms...
matthew 5 and philippians 2 first come to mind. will start looking out for people / communities with these type of addictions. lol.

This is an interesting book. it has a whole chapter on religious addictions. and it indeed addresses the difference between Christaholics and discipleship...

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