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由專業人士福音協會(PRO Ministry) 主辦,灣區基督教華人同工聯禱會及灣區研經培靈委員會協辦,禱告大會的主題爲「宣教兩百年 禱告得復興」,剛好配合近日在三藩市區舉行的「馬禮遜入華宣教二百年歷史圖片展」。



start one, if theres none!

Hey! Alan,

Can we organize one?

Do you still remember that's the same way the "Student Ministry" revived in Vancouver?

Let's have one!


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如果你地唔係為搞而搞, 我相信一定會有人黎. 我會黎, 亦都會叫多幾個人黎..!

prayer doesn't require a event, an organization... the most important part is if there are people that hunger for it......

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