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Building Trust with Transparency

What do you have to hide? So asks John C. Havens, co-author (with Shel Holtz) of the new book Tactical Transparency: How Leaders Can Leverage Social Media to Maximize Value and Build their Brand. He argues that the market and customers will increasingly demand that companies become more transparent--and punish those who fail to do so.

Tactical transparency means the use of social media tools to let brands talk authentically about their products and services to their community. It's a behavior as well as a philosophy. You do not have to have full disclosure around your brand or organization to have authenticity or breed trust, but you do have to show your audience that you are listening and that you are in the places online, at Facebook, MySpace, et cetera, where they already spend their time. It's a fact: your brand is being discussed off of your main portal. If you do not have a voice in those places where your audience already is, people will wonder why you are silent and they also will wonder what you may be hiding.

what can church leaders learn from this?


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Totally agree...

Back before social media, churches launch websites to show a "voice" on the Internet and to show that they're keeping up with technology. But when you look at the sorry state of many church websites and how outdated the content get, sometimes I wish they hadn't even put up a website at all. Even worse, many church websites put a church building on the front page, mis-conveying the message of the church as merely an institution or a building.

This will be even more so when it comes to social media. Like the article said, the rules of the social media game is authenticity. Churches shouldn't just show up on social media, but the message they convey need to fit the platform.

The lesson: if you do participate in the game, make sure you know the rules and you're actively playing it.

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