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Cheating on Brad Pitt

Every time I go to Wal-mart I feel bad for Brad Pitt. [...] Apparently Angelina Jolie cheated on him. Or not. [...] But sometimes when bad things happen to famous people, we get puzzled: How could someone cheat on Brad Pitt? That’s Brad Pitt! [...] If I had Brad Pitt as my man I would forever be happy. I’d never leave the house I would be so in love.

[...C]hances are you’ve got another “thing.” Maybe it’s a promotion or a job you secretly believe would magically make life better. Maybe it’s some bill paid off or some neighborhood you want to move to or a million other things.

We all have things. We all have our Super Bowls or Brad Pitts and when we chase them to the exclusion of everything else, we all end up empty. We end up owning $20 million in watches and still feeling depressed. We end up marrying super models and cheating on them. We end up with shiny toys that lose their shine the second they’ve been “caught.”

And to all of that, God says “I’ve got this.”

Over and over in the Bible he doesn’t hide what’s what when it comes to being satisfied. He doesn’t play around when it comes to contentment. He doesn’t waste his time or your time with things. In Psalm 103, he’s described as the God who: “satisfies your desires with good things”

I’ve been stuck on that chapter for a while now and the thing I love about this particular verse is the word, “your.” Do you see what that means for you and me?

We serve a personal God.

We serve an individual God.

It doesn’t say, “who satisfies desires with good things.” It doesn’t say he satisfies a bunch of desires from a nameless bag of desires and everyone gets the same and they just have to deal with it.

Not at all. The desires he meets. The things he touches. The places he speaks to. They are yours. Yours as in customized to who you are and who you’ll always be. They are not one size fits all. They are one size fits me.

I think when we forget that, I think when we start serving a faceless, corporate God, we lose touch with the personal, intimate relationship that is available. I think we start feeling that when we give our lives to God he is going to turn us into the opposite of who we currently are. If you’re a writer, he’s going to make you study calculus. If you love people, he’s going to make you become a solitary nun. If you hate missions, he’s going to instantly send you to Africa.

But maybe we’re wrong. Maybe it’s time to forget Brad Pitt. Forget the job or degree you think is going to change your life forever. Maybe it’s time to forget the faraway, impersonal God. Maybe the guy who created your thing, the guy who hid it where not even a super model or an astronaut could find it, maybe he wants to show you want it’s all about. Maybe he is more 1 to 1 than we can possibly imagine.

Long live our personal God.

原文出自Stuff Christians Like blog by Jon Acuff


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